Account Management

Once your account has been registered with us, we keep a vigilant check on the DAILY OPERATIONS of your account including initial formalities for processing the order, creating the labeling of the product processing the order as well. We are the one who assure that your ACCOUNT HEALTH is maintained at par guidelines of the marketplace.

Everyday operations:

It is significant to keep inventory updated and check products that are available with best prices and other details so that buyers have up to date information. Seller Wings service helps to manage the inventory, price, quantity and product listing. We do order processing and tracking from all marketplaces including shipping label generation. We file all kinds of claims of your damaged or misplaced products.

Account Health Management:

Account Health gives a very important contribution to your store. It includes all activities such as dispatching time, quality of product. We also take care of customer communication so that they feel engaged and better served.We will then send a feedback request to all the customers to deliver us the best rating on our products.This includes analyzing customer experiences and trends to see what they think of your store and your conversion rate among other metrics.

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