Once the registration of your product is done, we move on to the cataloging process in which every minute detail of the product with all the characteristics is provided to the customer. Cataloging is a premium service, wherein the descriptions for your listed products are designed by professional writers to capture and hold the immediate attention of your prospective online customers. Cataloging does not just entail product features but also attempts to map the product features with customer requirements highlighting the utility of the product. In short, Cataloging works on the major marketing principle of ‘Creating the Need’ for any product. We handle the full range catalog service for all major e-commerce sites. This includes creating a database of photographic resources and connecting them to relevant content, designed by professional content writers, turning visitors into clients and providing our best information in a highly targeted way. Physically prepared things for the customer to stay and significantly increase sales opportunities. With an unmanaged IT infrastructure and operational capabilities, we provide a quick and accurate list of your products. Our dedicated team has the necessary skills to fulfill all your requirements related to the creation of any product.

Listing is a task in which we complete all the following tasks so that we can display our product in such a manner that the buyer will choose the best product based on their requirement:
Price analysis: Our account manager ensures that you are always up to date with your competitors in product prices. We offer a well-planned pricing strategy that makes you prevail in the market and even with minimal impact on your profit margins.
Best images: A perfect image is required to emphasise your product. So it is really required that we put all the images according to the guidelines. We will ensure that we put all the images which helps you to get more traffic on your products.
Capturing product details: We collect all the relevant data for product listing from sellers.
Content writing: On the basis of details we receive from the client, we do the proper content writing. Our expert team of copywriting professionals make sure to write a detailing that grabs everyone’s attention.
Live Products: When we have all the details such as pricing of product, images, description, features, it's time for us to make your products live.

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