Sales Promotion

In order to carry out a successful business online, various kinds of activities are required. We use the following tools to generate more traffic on your products, so that we reach our ultimate goal to increase product sales.

Keyword optimization:

Keyword Optimisation is the process of improving search engine rankings by efficiently utilising keywords and phrases within web pages so that they match the most commonly used search terms and phrases used by people on the Internet. Choose keywords based on words you think the audience will use to find a product. Be specific when describing your product features and functionality to help the search algorithm to reach your products so we use all Measure traffic potential, Write effective content and Understand user behavior to enhance your business. We explore the most relevant keyword or phrase that is used most in a search query. To take out the most useful keywords we use the various external tools and find out with the help of sponsored ads.

Deals & Promotions:

Growing sales and revenues is a prime consideration for Seller Wings. Our experts will find out ways to implement various promotions and deals on your storefront such as bundled offers, vouchers and coupons so that you can sell more and have more loyal customers. Apart from this we also help you take part in Lightning deals from time to time to clear off stocks. The result is fast turnover and higher profits.

Account movement to FBA:

This is a very simple or most complicated process, we say it as simple because it’s not so difficult to register for FBA, but the complicated part of this is "How do you choose the right product to put in FBA?” For that our team of experts will find out most selling products from your catalog, and do inventory planning on that and put your product to FBA. We have the inbuilt software in the Amazon panel for inventory management tools. We just need to check it out properly and plan accordingly. By tracking your sales and inventory trends, Amazon inventory management tools show you how much of each item you sell on Amazon on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You can then plot out trends to determine required inventory levels for products over different periods of time. This comprehensive look at your sales and inventory trends is key to making sound purchasing decisions.

Sponsored Ads:

Amazon Sponsored Ads are a cost per click (CPC) advertising service for Amazon sellers to increase the visibility of their product(s). Cost per click marketing allows retailers to compete down with keywords for their product, and, supporting the retailer's competitive advantage of keyword () payment information, the Supported Product Ad can be displayed when a shopper searches for a keyword. Advertisements are often displayed to customers on the product search pages and product pages. When we run sponsored ads campaigns we have 3 different benefits which we have to use to make optimum use of a CPC(Amazon Sponsored Ads) campaign. Our first concentration is to take out maximum sales by spending the minimum budget that is our main motto to run a CPC advertisement. Secondly we will use the reports generated when we run a campaign and figure out the most useful keyword from it and use them to increase organic traffic on our products. Our third motto is to increase the organic ranking of a product so we run a CPC campaign in such a manner that it will increase our organic ranking also. So our team of experts will spend your money in such a way that we will get more sales from any campaign.

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