Training service aims to help Amazon launched sellers understand Ecommerce, seller central better and in the process improve their sales. Currently we offer two types of training to seller – Starter and Professional

Training for Starters:

This is a basic training program which covers all the initial topics about which a seller must be aware before he starts selling online. We cover the following topics in that:

Navigate with ease on Seller Central and understand what each tab means

Manage your orders and returns, including
  • Interpreting the Dashboard

  • Shipping orders within the TAT & consequences of late or cancelled shipments

  • Setting up notifications and sub-accounts for operations

  • Responding to buyer messages

  • Understanding Amazon policy on returns

  • Understanding SAFE-T, A-to-Z & Chargeback claims
  • Set up your bank account and GST for payment settlements

    Understand the different Amazon fees: referral fee, closing fee, storage fee, shipping fee

    Price your products right to drive strong sales while preserving your profit margins, including:
  • Using the Amazon Pricing Calculator tool

  • Map competitors in your product and category

  • What is the buy-box and rules of who wins the buy-box
  • Raise service requests with Seller Support - Apply for GTIN exemption, Category approvals, Brand registry

    Interpret and act upon customer feedback using Feedback Manager and Voice of the Customer

    List your products, including
  • Individual & bulk listings

  • Understand the Amazon policies on product title, images & descriptions

  • Best practices for good results

  • Add keywords to improve visibility
  • Compare the different Shipping and Warehousing options available (Fulfilled by Amazon, Easy-ship, Self-ship, SellerFlex) and decide the most appropriate option

    Manage your inventory pipeline to avoid cancellations and penalties

    Overview of Business Reports, performance metrics and use resources like Selling Coach

    Maintain Account Health parameters in green to avoid penalties including suspension

    Understand resources like Seller University and SPN services on Seller Central

    At the end of this course you should have an in-depth understanding of your Seller Central account and the tools available to you for sales growth. You should be able to:

    Add relevant keywords in product listings to improve product visibility

    Know if your product(s) are eligible for Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), understand the conversion benefits of EBC and product videos, and use the EBC tool to create content

    Get the ‘Prime’ tag, including:
  • Gauge cost-benefits of getting ‘Prime’

  • Compare and decide between Seller-fulfilled Prime, Fulfilled by Amazon

  • Steps to enroll for the program

  • Get in-depth understanding of ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ (FBA), including:
  • Understanding FBA storage fees and gauging cost-benefits of FBA

  • Registering for FBAn

  • Creating FBA shipments, scheduling pick-ups and removals from FBA storage

  • Use seller assistant tool for simulation

  • Set up campaigns for Sponsored products or Sponsored brands, including
  • Keywords listing for campaign – Positive & Negative keywords

  • Compare and decide between Manual and Automated targeting

  • Compare and decide between the Campaign bidding strategies

  • Use keyword match types appropriate for your product(s)

  • Manage your Advertising Costs by optimizing campaigns across ASINs

  • Optimizing listings to improve conversion from views
  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  • Understand the benefits of self-serve lightning deals and set them up for your product(s)

    Understand the benefits of coupons and set them up for your product(s)

    Understand how to win the buy-box on your ASINs

    Understand the benefits of Automated Pricing Rules:
  • How to create and edit pricing rules

  • Compare and decide between Automated Pricing strategies
  • Interpret reports on Seller Central ‘Reports’ tab, including:
  • Getting insights from each report

  • Identifying potential areas for improving sales

  • Target specific customer segments and identify key competitors for your products
  • Raise service requests with Seller Support - Apply for GTIN exemption, Category approvals, Brand registry

    Interpret and act upon customer feedback using Feedback Manager and Voice of the Customer

    Creating growth strategy using all available tools on Seller Central

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